In my previous career as a family lawyer, I saw first hand how miscommunication ripped entire families apart. Wanting to help put an end to that suffering, I set out to learn and teach effective communication.

I found the answer right here in New Zealand.

David Dickson is the Kiwi who developed DOTS after over 20 years of studying all types of personality profiling systems. He researched the common denominators and condensed them into this simple, yet incredible empowering tool we now know and cherish as DOTS.

DOTS enables me to not only recognise the natural communication style of the person in front of me, but to engage with them on a level they understand, feel safe and respond most positive to. And you can learn that too!

It is my life long passion to break down barriers, unite people and help them live happier and more fulfilled lives.

To find out how DOTS can change your life and all it touches connect with me here.

I attended a virtual session with Amy and my gym buddies. She blew me away with her energy and enthusiasm through the screen. Seeing her in person would be amazing! Loved the insights she gave into my own communication style and tips on how to identify and work with people of differing ‘dots’. Loved the whole experience!

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What a session! As a hairdresser this is really going to change the way I communicate with my clients aswell My husband 😂🤷‍♀️ I was skeptical at first but the zoom session was hilarious and incredibly informative! Here’s to this red dots softer communication skills 😂🥳

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Chloe CoxStudio Fifty One Muswellbrook

We did the group ‘Get Dotted’ communication session thanks to the generosity of Crossfit Muswellbrook and we THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. We found Amy to be relaxed and completely engaging; knowledgeable and fun; informative and enlightening! It’s going to be very interesting moving forward because we are now looking at how we interact with people of all different colours 😀

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Garth Tuckey


From the TEDx stage to speaking in front of hundreds of truck drivers, no stage is to small or big to make a lasting impact.

As a speaker, my passion is to engage, entertain and educate.


I’m currently writing my first book about effective communication and enriching relationships to be published in 2020.

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The ability to not only cope in an ever changing environment but to flourish is the secret to success.

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