Do cold showers improve your communication?

If the answer was yes  – would you simply start showering with cold water?

What if there is an even easier alternative….  please do read on for a less chilly alternative 🙂

Goodness me – another week has passed and whilst our neck of the woods is making steady progress heading towards level 1, I can’t help but appreciate the difficult decisions made for us to go hard and go early.  I know I know – we aren’t out of the woods quite yet but it is heartening to be able to hang out with people again!

A great example of Commitment, Ownership, Leaning in,  Doing and deciphering, Experimenting and Reviewing by those lucky enough to be leading our nation.

I’ve been playing with the Wim Hof Method lately.  You may have heard of “the Iceman”.  He’s the guy who has broken all sorts of records including the longest ice bath, climbing snowy mountains wearing only shorts and running a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water.  Whilst the science still needs looking at, Wim appears to be able to influence his autonomic nervous system.

The Wim Hof Method is a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and exposure to cold that can help you regulate your stress levels.

So in the spirit of curiosity and playfulness I’ve been taking cold showers each morning for the last 8 days progressing from 2 minutes to 4.5 minutes duration.

Kicking this off in winter is adding to the challenge…. brrrrrr  🥶

What I’ve found interesting is my increased level of focus & energy throughout the day.  I have to say in those 4.5 minutes there is no room in my head to focus on anything other than the cold water.   Which for my monkey mind is quite the blessing.   And to actually get myself out of my cosy warm comfort zone for a few moments to prove to myself that it’s not life threatening at all.  Sure I get cold but the buzz more than makes up for that.  And if it’s simply placebo – that’s cool too.

Spoiler alert – no the cold showers are not improving my communication but I can see the commonality of this process to the communicating better process.  Bear with me here as I was rather inspired by some acrostic poems created by NZ comedian Tom Sainsbury over lockdown.  Anyone else in love with him?  For some light relief – check out his Gingerbread persona on his Facebook page.

Ok now back to the point – by going COLDER if you like – you can only improve your communication.

Commitment – choose to communicate better and commit to it.

Ownership – don’t outsource your communication – own it.

Lean in – be brave, let go of perfection and lean in.

Do it in a dot specific way – ironically this is the easiest bit!

Experiment – play with the process, be curious and experiment.

Review – how did it go?  Do you need to rejig a little?  Review and repeat.

Like the Wim Hof Method – #bettercommunication is a choice.  Actually committing to being our best selves is a choice.  Each decision takes courage.  And most of us will choose comfort before communication.  Is this true for you? This can lead to lots of unnecessary relationship friction.  Not to mention lots of comfort without true connection.  True connection isn’t always comfortable.

Next time you need to have an uncomfortable chat with someone, maybe consider jumping in a cold shower for a few minutes first…?!?!?  Or take yourself through the above process – commit to doing it (your best self will thank you for it), own it, lean in and learn from it, do it in a dot specific way (this is an life easy hack), experiment and review.  You may need to tweak a few things but hey – that’s the point.  We can’t tweak what we’re not aware of.  And it’s in this gritty uncomfortable space where we get to develop our growth mindset.

Do you reckon you could get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Til next time – here’s to #bettercommunication and maybe more cold showers!

Bonus note – I took my gorgeous step sons swimming in Dunedin Otago NZ to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday… if you want a laugh or to see if I actually go into the water (without a wetsuit), put my head under and frolic for at least 10 minutes or to check out my commitment – then feel free to check out this little video.

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