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If you’ve ever had a hunch that you’re not quite playing to your full potential then lets have a chat about Operation Kick-Ass mentoring.

Or if you are simply wanting to tweak your effective communication skills more, learn how to decode other people & get the best out of any situation (including those often awkward “tricky conversations”) – then talk to me about the “Decoding Dots” Mentoring Programme.

I’m passionate about giving you the insight and tools to foster meaningful and enriching relationships; at home and at work.

Call me today – being you and embracing others for who they are has never been this simple and liberating.

Amy’s couple session has been such a blast! We identified the communication style we both naturally share. Amy has taught us to embrace the contrasts that add further depth and colour to our relationship.  In a playful way, she has given us the words and tools to stay connected and support each other in stressful situations and through disagreements.  It’s been the best gift we could have offered our couple.

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Dirk and isaBelle, Switzerland

She creates the essential atmosphere for learning, I highly recommend her.

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Matt CarterDirector HR & Student Services Otago Polytechnic

It is hard to describe why and how one day made such a difference to us, especially given the plethora of courses,
video content and articles written about communication and culture in the workplace. What I can say, is that the quality of the content delivery (by Amy) and the content itself, in terms of its reach and simplicity, made for the the best money we have ever spent on professional development. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy Scott to small and large groups who strive to be the best they can be.

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Anna CampbellManaging Director of AbacusBio

Workshops that are actually fun!

I love developing specialised in-house programmes to help organisations be awesome!

I take care to know, look, sense and understand what is needed to ensure your team can successfully deliver.

Sometimes it’s getting to grips with effective communication and sometimes it’s helping people to unleash their inner leadership potential.

I’m passionate about helping people discover their natural strengths and talents. And to inspire action.

It is not enough to simply get someone in to tick off some requirement regarding staff training and development. It needs to be engaging – it needs to stand the test of time. It needs to be real.

With this in mind, I create unique on-line follow up sessions to ensure that momentum continues long after I’ve left the building.

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