connection : communication : courage

What is DOTS?

Connection – Communication – Courage

DOTS  is a simple, fun yet powerful communication tool which will help you transform all key relationships in your life.

Learn how to recognise and connect with the 4 main communication styles, known as red, yellow, purple and blue DOTS.

Breaking down miscommunications will see you connect with ease and joy.

Communication will no longer be your bio hazard but the key to enriching the relationships in your life.

Embrace the best you.  Freely and safely share yourself with courage and purpose.

Which DOT are You?

Get Speed Dotted !

People that are yellow dots are natural finishers with a flair for organisation and aesthetics.

Blue dots tend to be sensitive and intuitive – they are really human’feelings’.

The practical red dots are loyal and get to the point.

Finally, the buzzing purple dots tend to have fabulous ideas.

Curious as to what predominant colour DOT you are?

Take our fun quiz.

Want to learn more and
hear what it is all about?

Here’s a short teaser video for you!

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