Organising a fabulous event, an awesome conference, a team building day, a client retreat or just want someone with energy, enthusiasm and passion to be part of your function?

I can make your events ROCK!

I love the buzz and energy I get from the audience. Kicking off a conference on the right note, keeping people energised throughout the day or giving them a buzz at the end of the day is what I love.

Amy is an incredibly energetic and engaging keynote speaker. Her message is ultimately one of compassion, both for yourself and for those around you, and she radiates this from every pore in her body. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker that can speak about communication, compassion and the power of teamwork, you should hire Amy.

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Simon WallerAuthor, International speaker & Mentor

Amy can do the impossible! She smashes down the barriers, then galvanises the room behind a vision, that leaves the room talking about it for weeks after the event. Her infectious energy, and style of communicating with humility and hilarity really makes the magic happen, and any event very successful. If you want to change the game up, then I highly recommend asking Amy to be part of the journey!

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Andrew HowardChairman Board of Directors at YMCA of Auckland Inc

Amy Scott is hands down one of the best speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live. There is a warmth and depth to her stage presence that is as magnetic as it is magnificent. Twice I’ve seen her turn a room of cynics into raving fans with an effortless charm & a razor sharp wit. I can honestly say that she was the undisputed highlight at both of the events I saw her speak at. And the way she stuck around to connect with audience members after her session was astonishing. So generous, so engaging, all class.

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Mykel DixonAuthor, Speaker, Mentor & Musician

I can safely say that Amy is one of the most engaging, witty, passionate and down-to-earth speakers that I have had the pleasure to listen to and learn from. Her openness and honesty was refreshing, and she created a great rapport with the crowd. Her energy was infectious and she even had us demonstrating our best dance moves! Amy was the perfect start to the conference

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Desirée (Chu) PurvisPrincipal Consultant at Tenzing Limited

I went to a PA summit in Sydney over three days and on day 3 went to Amy’s workshop. I can honestly say she was my favourite part of the Summit. What an amazing human. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to see her please go. The energy and passion you see is a breath of fresh air and the content was very valuable. Getting dotted was a lot of fun and great to learn how to better communicate with peers at work and even my own family. You must see her. Amazing Amy! Keep up the awesome work!

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Maria Skotidas(Executive Assistant of the Year 2017 Women in Finance Award) Thomson Reuters, Sydney

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